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As a well-known recruiter, career coach and job search consultant with over 15 years of experience, Christina Murphy offers a range of career coaching and job search services. By working closely with you, Christina will customize a solution strategically suited to your individual circumstances. Her services include:

Career strategy
Whether you have a clear career strategy but lack the know-how to execute it, or you are in need of an entirely new career roadmap, Christina can help. She will assist you in not simply moving your career forward, but in moving it strategically in the right direction.

Resume evaluation and strategy
Without a resume that immediately reflects your level, capabilities and desired career path, you will not attract interest from the appropriate companies. Christina will examine your resume and give you concrete ways to fine-tune it to instantly produce a highly positive impact on hiring managers and human resources professionals. Christina knows exactly what they are looking for and what triggers a call.

Developing search strategies
A comprehensive search strategy will save you crucial time in a competitive market. You will partner with Christina to determine the right course of action.

We all know that networking is the best and more-efficient way to find a job. Christina will help you network with companies and hiring managers through her personal network to gain access to positions prior to other candidates.

Interview preparation
To stand out from other candidates, you will need intensive interview preparation. With her deep knowledge of the tangible and intangible qualities each particular company is seeking, Christina will prepare you well for each interview.

Compensation negotiation
Compensation negotiation can be difficult even under the best of circumstances. With her extensive understanding of compensation surveys, Christina will assist you in negotiating a salary, bonus, stock, benefits and relocation packages.

Due to the great demand for career coaching assistance, Christina has opened a career coaching service to people outside of CM Recruiting candidates. Please contact Christina to schedule a call to discuss if this service is right for you. We're all in this together.



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