Christina Murphy Bio

Christina Murphy began her career as a recruiter in 1993 in San Francisco. In 1996, as the Internet emerged, Christina established relationships with companies building some of the first large-scale Web sites and pioneering the concept of "integrated marketing."

As she initially placed candidates in key positions in large consulting firms, Christina's understanding of the digital domain grew organically as the industry flourished.

As innovative companies developed the notion of ecommerce, Christina helped to staff them. As the digital arena grew and became the primary component of the New Economy, the range of companies with which Christina worked and the disparate roles they required expanded. Christina continued to help leading organizations staff for these various roles.

In 2003, Christina established CM Recruiting, where she and her staff continue to serve clients nationally and internationally across a wide spectrum of industries.

Christina also offers a range of career coaching and related job search services. By working closely with you, Christina will customize a solution strategically suited to your individual circumstances. Learn more about Christina's Career Coaching.

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